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5 Ways to Use LiveBinders, A Great Online Resource Organizer

LiveBinders–Organization at Your Finger Tips!

LiveBinders allows users to organize online resources in one place. Think — digital 3-ring binder! Watch the video below to get an overview.

The site can remain private or be opened for public viewing. Plus, the originator can invite others to collaborate and add additional resources. LiveBinders is a versatile digital tool! I’m just learning how to create binders and have started one for a presentation on study skills in the digital age.  It’s public so that I will be able to share it with session participants at the annual NELMS conference in April.

5 Possibilities for Teams

LiveBinders is a useful site for teams.  Here are 5 ways to use this site to help students and team members stay  organized, collaborate with other teams in the school, and communicate with parents:
  1. Students can create their Binders to organize their online resources for a research project. Accessible 24/7 from any computer, students can get to it at school and from home.  If students are working in small groups, their information sources are stored in one place so any member can easily locate critical material.  Things don’t disappear into the bottomless pits of lockers and backpacks, and the information needed for citation is only a click away.
  2. Team teachers can create private Binders to keep track of resources for various units or lessons.  Everything is organized by unit in its separate Binder and stored on the teacher’s digital shelf.
  3. Team teachers can create public Binders to share with students and parents.  Recommended or required sites for assignments can be organized at this site.  A team might create a Binder for an interdisciplinary unit with supporting materials or one on homework help for students to access when they get stuck and can’t readily ask a teacher for clarification.
  4. Team teachers can collaborate with colleagues across grade levels or content areas to share resources.  With several people contributing online sites, the Binder will grow more quickly.  It can also be edited and updated every year.
  5. Team teachers can create public Binders especially for parents.  It’s an efficient way to share resources on pertinent topics that interest parents: adolescent development, parenting in the digital age, how people learn, etc.

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