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Fantastic Summer Opportunity for Middle Level Teams!

Nancy Doda talks with participants at MLEI

There is never enough time for teams to accomplish all of their goals during the school year:

  • Create interdisciplinary units that address critical standards across the curriculum
  • Collaborate to teach necessary study skills
  • Create an effective plan to incorporate literacy, numeracy, and digital fluency across all of the classes
  • Refine the advisory program to include hot topics like cyber-citizenship and cyber-bullying
  • Spend time to build your capacity as a high-functioning team

The Middle Level Education Institute held at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine provides the opportunity and the atmosphere for reflection and fresh ideas.  It is an uniquely middle level event where everyone in attendance loves working with young adolescents and desires to develop learning experiences that address their cognitive, social, and physical needs. Furthermore, participants never have to explain to others why they enjoy working with this age group!!!

  • Participants’ questions and concerns drive the program.
  • Large chunks of time are set aside for teams to work on their own projects.
  • Each individual or team has a knowledgeable consultant as a coach and go-to person.
  • Sessions model exemplary middle level practice.  This is not a “sit and git” type of professional development.
  • Technology is integrated seamlessly with a lot of Individual help for attendees wanting to learn more.

Join us this summer, August 1-4 for a professional learning experience you will refer back to all next year.  Visit our website at http://mleimaine.net/  

3 Graduate Credits Available


Mikaela at campusevents@thomas.edu

Jill at jillspencer51@gmail.com

Come with a mission and  we’ll help you fulfill it!    Look who’s on board to work with  you!


1. Your Leadership Team wants to tackle a challenging school issue.

Chris Toy

  •  consults internationally on developing leadership capacity
  •  teaches graduate classes in leadership and school law
  •  received A+ Administrator Award from NELMS

Bill Zima

  •  helped his school develop effective behavior plan
  • experienced with proficiency and standards-based learning

Nancy Doda

  • works internationally in the area of school reform
  • acknowledged as an expert on young adolescents
  • received Lounsbury Award–NMSA’s most prestigious honor


2. Your team needs to develop its plan for implementing RTI (academic and behavior).

Cathie Tibodeau

  •  worked all over New England as NELMS Teacher in Resident
  •  presided as NMSA’s president 2009
  •  consults nationally on math instruction and differentiation

Chuck Saufler & Stan Davis

  •  work across Maine and the country with schools to improve school climate
  •  acknowledged experts in bullying prevention and restorative justice
  •  help schools address cyber-bullying issues

Jill Spencer, Carol Duffy, Barbara Greenstone, & Nancy Doda

  •  over 100 years of combined experience with both print and digital literacy


3. Your team desires to reinvigorate your curriculum in order to engage your students.

Phil Brookhouse & Barbara Greenstone

  •  help teachers across Maine integrate technology  (MLTI)
  •  teach practitioners the basics of inquiry and challenge based learning
  •  are up-to-date in the latest innovations in digital learning

Mark Springer

  •  presents nationally on integrative curriculum and the democratic classroom
  •  coaches schools as they revise their curriculum and improve their instruction
  •  writes highly popular books on curriculum and instruction Watershed & Soundings

The MLEI Team would appreciate your help in spreading the word about MLEI–Please share with your social network via Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Thanks!!!!

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