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Use Common Planning Time to Increase Your Team’s Technology KnowHow

Common Planning Time–Use It Creatively

It’s OK to use Common Planning Time to expand the team’s knowledge base.  Digital devices are multiplying and morphing at an incredible speed.  At a recent NELMS session I did a quick survey on the number of devices participants owned.  Everyone had at least one and most had more than three. The same is true for our students.  Class instruction needs to keep pace, but often teachers do not have time to explore and reflect on available digital tools.  However, middle grades team teachers do have a structure for designing their own professional learning opportunities–common planning time.

Designate one Common Planning Period a month as techno day.  Choose one new app or digital tool to explore together.  Here’s an article that identifies 10 blogs that will feed your need and professional obligation to stay up-to-date in the area of effective technology integration.

Picture of the headline for an eSchool News articlehttp://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/04/06/ten-education-blogs-worth-following/2/?

The blogs mentioned include…

* The Ultimate Guide to Facebook’s New “Groups for Schools”

* COMIC: Will Texting Replace Raising Your Hand in Class?

* Students Making Flipped Videos

* Every Student an Individual

* Alpha Maps

* Qwiki Creator

* Learning, Feedback, Validation

* Jux: Simple Media Literacy  Tool

These are just 4 out of the 10 blogs and a few examples of their postings mentioned in the eSchool News article–Check it out!

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