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So You Think You Know Young Adolescents!?!

As a middle school teams  you are probably always short of time because there is so much you want to accomplish! However, if you have ten minutes during a common planning session you might enjoy matching your knowledge about the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical developmental characteristics of the your adolescents you teach with recent research.  Here in game format is a pdf version of a presentation on this topic.


Click on the word “adolesdev” above and you will be able to download a pdf file.

Here’s a sample:









Download the file (adolesdev) to find the answer!

Take time to reflect on the information in the presentation:

  • Which of your beliefs were validated?
  • What surprised you?
  • What information might impact your practice as a team? as individual teachers?
  • What additional information do you need?

For more information on the characteristics of young adolescents,  check out NMSA’s Fundamentals for Student Success in the Middle Grades at http://www.nmsa.org/Advocacy/AdvocacyToolstoUse/FundamentalsPresentation/tabid/793/Default.aspx.

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