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High Five! Give One! Get One! A High Energy-Multi Use Strategy!

The end of the year is coming and the kids know summer is in the air!  Azure skies, cool waters, and green fields beckon some.  City parks, streets to explore, and free time call to others. Keeping students engaged in their studies becomes a bit more challenging.  Using a fresh strategy in class will grab your students’ attention because young adolescents respond positively to novelty.  High Five! Get One! Give One! encourages them to collaborate, move about, and dig deeper into the topic at hand.

  High Five! Get One! Give One! can be used in a variety of situations:

• a summarizer

• a method of brainstorming

• a way to review

• an ice breaker

• a way to share information

• a method of synthesizing information


  • Have students individually fold a piece of paper into two columns and label the columns:
      • Give one
      • Get one
  • Pair students up
  • Ask the pairs to list important things they wish to remember about a topic or the ideas they brainstorm in the “Give One” column
  • Direct everyone to stand up and raise their hands
  • Instruct students to find someone to High Five!
  • In the new partners, partner A shares something from his or her Give One column.  If Partner B doesn’t have it on his/her list, s/he records the idea in the “Get One” column. Then Partner B offers an item from his/her Give One column and Partner A records it in his/her Get One column.
  • Partners split up, raise their hands, and look for another partner to High Five.
  • The process repeats itself until the teacher calls time.
  • Each student has a list of ideas and/or important information for reference.

When multiple team teachers use a strategy, students learn the process or procedure quickly.  Once the students know what steps to follow, teachers do not have to take class time to teach the procedure. The process is automatic and more time can be spent on the content.

This activity incorporates elements of strategies that have been proven to increase learning:

  • summarizing
  • restating an idea in a new way
  • collaboration
  • think time
  • using different learning modalities

Here are some web resources for the team:

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