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Stories To Inspire Reflection

Summer must truly be over–it’s Labor Day, it’s chilly enough to wear flannel shirts in the morning, and only two scrawny cherry tomatoes remain on the vine.  Time to get back to blogging!
This summer colleagues shared two inspirational resources:

  1. Through the Cracks written by Carolyn Sollman, illustrated by Barbara Emmons, and designed by Judith Paolini. It’s a story of how children of all ages literally shrivel up in school  and slip through the cracks into a nether world where they are silent, dejected, and angry.  Fortunately, the narrator and a brave companion find a way out by locating an engaging classroom where students are actively learning.
    An illustration from the book Through the Cracks

    An illustration from the book Through the Cracks

    2. Dave Puckett who wrote Mr. DeVore’s Do-Over was captured on video discussing his eighth grade experience that was the inspiration for his book.  Take time to watch the video below to see why Dave was not one who fell through the cracks!


Combined or singularly, these two stories make great discussion starters for…

  • Faculty or team meetings
  • Advisory time
  • Parent meetings

But more importantly, they should cause each of us to pause and reflect on the lives of our students and how they experience school. What will we do this year to ensure…

  • Each student feels invited to learn?
  • Our classrooms abound with active learning experiences that engage, inspire, and challenge?
  • Our schools are places of continuous learning for every member of the school community?

Wishing all of the dedicated educators and hopeful students a joyous year full of wonderment, excitement, and mind-expanding learning experiences!

Labor Day, 2012

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