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Many teachers and teams want to know more about incorporating project-based learning (PBL) into their classrooms before they start experimenting with this curriculum approach.  I’ve seen evidence of this trend in the blog–an earlier posting on PBL has received many, many hits.  It’s time to share some more resources beyond the great ones at Edutopia from the January post.

1. The YouTube video below offers a visual explanation of project-based learning.  It was produced by BIE, an organization that advocates for PBL.

2, BIE’s website offers some tools and a blog that might be useful to an individual team member or the entire team when they are collaborating  on a PBL interdisciplinary unit.

3, Another website to check out is Project Based Learning.  This site offers a variety of resources including some strategies for getting started and online courses.

4, Project Foundry is an online management system for project-based learning.  Needless to say it is not free, but they do have a free 14 day trial–just enough time to get a feel for how it works.  The video below was created to help educators visualize just how Project Foundry’s management system helps both students and teachers write challenging projects and then manage them.

5. 4Teachers.org has PBL checklists that you can customize.  They can be created in either English or Español!

6. Webquests are online project-based units. They are collaborative in nature and provide scenarios for the students to explore. At Webquest.org there is a collection of units ready to use or to be adapted.  They have been created by classroom teachers and vetted for quality.  It’s possible to search their matrix in the QuestGarden by grade level and topic. Here’s a quick look at just a couple of possibilities:

a screen shot of webquests available at Webquest.org

Screen Shot of 6-8 Social Studies Matrix at Webquest.org


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