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I’ve just discovered the coolest website — it’s an online corkboard — just like the one that was on the wall in my classroom! I found it via the Middle Talk list serve of NMSA (Thank you Gayle!).  Being able to participate in Middle Talk is one of the great benefits of NMSA membership–folks from all over the world discuss middle level issues, share resources, and provide support.

A member of the listserve mentioned a post on Larry Ferlazzo’s website Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day.   This post discusses virtual corkboards or bulletin boards.  I had never heard of such a thing! I was intrigued! Larry describes 5 different sites:

Each site has its own peculiarities, so it’s important to read Larry’s post to find out which site best fits your needs.

Larry identified Corkboard.me as his favorite so I decided to see what it has to offer. OMG! as the kids say.  In nothing flat I created a bulletin board.

Virtual Bulletin Board Created With Corkboard.me

When you go to the site, it automatically gives you a personal URL.  This URL can be embedded into a website or simply shared with others so they can access it.  By clicking on a View Only button you can ensure that no one but you can edit the site.  Each message is on a stickie–you click, one appears, and you type. It’s that simple! If you are a technology neophyte or phobic, you will be able to  impress your students and colleagues by creating a virtual bulletin board.
What a marvelous tool for teams:
  • Set one up just for the teachers where you all can leave messages, brainstorm ideas, create to-do lists.
  • Build a safety net for subs by preparing one that has  information they might find useful.
  • Create one for students (post messages, leave to-do lists for projects, post vocabulary words of the week, and recognize and congratulate students for great deeds and superlative work).
  • Communicate  with parents.
  • Keep in touch with other teams in the school.
Students could use this site also:

  • share resources
  • brainstorm ideas
  • keep track of resources for a project
  • share interests

**** I think I would require students to give me their URLs for any school related work in order to monitor postings.

Because this site is web-based and you can create  bulletin boards from home, you don’t need to worry about server space at school.  Your students can access this resource from any computer–at home, at school, or the public library.

If you use one of these resources, please leave a comment.  Sharing our ideas is one of the benefits of this type of networking!

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    Glad you found the resources helpful!



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