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Neil Pashricha’s blog 1000 Awesome Things (http://1000awesomethings.com/) is a great source of discussion topics or ideas for things to do during advisory time:

  • Decorating lockers (building a sense of community on the team)
  • Showing an elderly friend something new on the computer (being involved in the community)
  • Numerating things that make you laugh (creating a positive team climate)
  • Watching out for friends (growing up safe)

Neil was a recent TED Talk guest.  Watching the video as a team or in individual advisory groups might just stimulate good conversations about the impact of one’s attitude on life, emotional health, and behavior.  Too often young adolescents feel powerless.  Neil, a young professional that most kids could identify with, describes choices he made to empower himself during a time of sadness and loss.

His talk is entitled “The 3 A’s of Awesome” is is quite inspiring as we learn how a simple blog he started has grown into an award-winning world-wide phenomenon. You can view the video at http://www.ted.com/talks/neil_pasricha_the_3_a_s_of_awesome.html.

Prompts  based on the video might include (these might not make sense without watching the video):

  • What are some ways you embrace your inner 3 year old so that you notice the world around you?
  • What are the most challenging situations that make it difficult for you to maintain a positive attitude?
  • Create a collage that represents your authentic self.
  • Attitude, Awareness, or Authenticity–which are your strengths and which challenge you?
  • What 3 ideas drive your life?

Other activities based on Neil’s blog and video might include:

  • Students create a team area bulletin board on awesome things about their team or school or town.
  • Students develop their own blogs focusing on awesome aspects of their lives. (Check out security precautions your school wants you to take so students don’t give out personal information.)
  • Students and teachers create and post a team word cloud about awesome things using Wordle.com
  • Team uses the video and blog as an inspiration for a service learning project.
  • The advisory or teams problem solves a significant school issue and acts on their ideas.

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