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Middle Grades Teams

Teams have the power to create an environment that motivates students to soar academically and personally. Effective teaming is hard work and time consuming, however the rewards for both students and teachers are immeasurable.” from Teaming Rocks! Collaborate in Powerful Ways to Ensure Student Success (NMSA, 2010)

Middle grades teams are a powerful organizational feature of exemplary schools that educate young adolescents.  This blog will feature ideas, research, strategies, and examples all dedicated to helping new teams develop their vision and establishing their processes and provide existing teams opportunities to step back and reflect on their practices.

Since “all of us are smarter than just any one of us” I hope readers will comment and share their successful practices and ask questions to help all of us push our thinking. Middle grades educators share a common goal to help their students to become both competent and confident so they can embrace their future and move forward.  Working together as middle grades teams helps bring this goal to fruition.

I look forward to sharing ideas about teaming I’ve gathered over the years and hearing from the readers of this blog!

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